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Process Communication Model
The best way to communicate well together

Whether you're a Leader, Manager, Partner, or part of a Couple, discover how this model can breathe new life into your communication and strengthen your connections.

Self awarness

A better understanding
of one another

Predict our

under stress

  • What's my way of connecting with others?

  • Who makes me feel at ease, and who do I find a bit challenging?

  • What really motivates me?

  • How do I handle stress - and how can I keep it in check?

  • Where do I shine the most? What am I naturally good at, and what are my strengths?

  • How do I lead others? How can I bring out the best in my leadership?"

  • How does he/she/they see our talk?

  • Is my message really coming across?

  • How do I celebrate our differences?

  • Are we in a positive connection where both of us feel valued?

  • How do we work through relationship bumps? How to get back on track?

  • How do I bring my personality strengths into my daily life?

  • How can I be a good leader/partner using this model?

  • What is 'miscommunication,' and how can we spot it?

  • When I'm stressed, do I notice if I become too controlling, angry, or make repeated mistakes?

  • How can I support my colleague/partner when they're stressed?

  • How do we ease the pressure within our team?

  • What keeps my motivation alive and well?

  • What's a failure pattern, and how do we break free from it?

"I believe that communication is the cornerstone of our ability to live together. Communication opens doors, broadens our horizons, and enables us to grow both as individuals and as a community."



  1. You receive a link to fill in an online questionnaire ( average of 45 min to answer all 42 questions without interruptions).

  2. Once the questionnaire has been completed, a first feedback session is organized (90 min). I will share with you information about the model and hand you your personal  inventory. It belongs to you and you can refer to it whenever you want, throughout your life.

  3. A second training session is organized to anchor your awareness and see together how the Process Com' helps you on a daily basis. ​

  4. Together, we can define a coaching program tailored to support a specific journey: managing relationships (both in personal and professional partnerships), handling stress, time management, improving communication, building a project team, validating recruitment decisions, taking on managerial responsibilities, navigating career growth, focusing on what truly matters to you, balancing work and personal life, and rediscovering enthusiasm and motivation.​

Note: If the personality inventory is carried out as part of a coaching program,  the restitution and training sessions are already in the coaching contract and your personal inventory constitutes the outline of our sessions.

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