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Executive coaching, mastering relational agility

I rely on my passion for human communication and 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and chief executive to coach my clients through the pivotal moments of their careers.

Through personality assessments (Process Communication Model and DISC & Driving Forces), I offer you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and understand your stress response, preferred communication style, managerial approach, and interpersonal relationships.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), this certification is awarded to experienced coaches in their practice. This means that I am committed to upholding impeccable professional ethics, including CONFIDENTIALITY, TRANSPARENCY, and a continuous COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE in serving my clients.

Continuously pursuing professional development, I receive occasional supervision from Master Coaches, experts in the field.


Being fluent in both French and English, I support your international and intercultural dynamics.

Communication and soft skills

I provide a space for reflection conducive to analyzing your situation and environment. I bring my expertise and support to help you succeed in your new role, manage your teams, make decisions, clarify your objectives, confirm your intuition, analyze your life journey, manage any relational tensions or conflicts you may encounter, develop your talents, and establish the legitimacy of your leadership.

My coaching sessions are balanced between a human-centered approach for better understanding of your own behaviors and a structured analysis of concrete situations.


In addition to personality assessments, I work with a variety of proven methods (Systemic approach, Transactional Analysis, Metaphor and Symbolism, Ericksonian method, Narrative approach, Clean Language, NLP, etc.), enriched by over 20 years of professional teaching experience at International Mozaïk.


I engage with organizations of all sizes, offering individual and team coaching :

  • Facilitation for individual (executives, managers, peers) or group relationships

  • Workshops for acquiring relational flexibility skills

  • Management, Leadership, and Communication coaching programs

Certifications, diplomas:

  • DISC and Motivational Forces - Assessment 24*7 [ Erudia, Paris 2023

  • Certification “Supporting teams with Process Communication” | Khaler Communication France - Certified PCM Training Center, France 2022

  • Certification “Individual Coaching with Process Communication” | Khaler Communication France – Certified PCM Training Center, France 2021

  • Professional Coach Training - Level 1 & 2 – RNCP | International Mozaïk - ACSTH certified coaching school, ICF accredited, Paris 2020-2021

  • Training in the Process Communication Model® – Validation of level 1 & 2 | Booster - PCM certified trainer coach, Reunion 2018-2019

  • Cambridge English Proficiency - British Council Paris 1995

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