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What do they say about me?

My clients are my best ambassadors.

Femme d'affaires

A big thank you for our session, very enlightening about my profile and how to activate my motivational keys / break out of the stress spiral.

(...) This has helped me several times to defuse situations that could have been sources of stress, whether professionally in taking up my position, but also personally in the end!


Director of Sustainable Development - 43 years old

Optimizing communication and relational agility in the context of taking up a new position

Cette image représente une jeune femme la trentaine écrivant des informations au tableau

I had the opportunity to discover through ACTIEL, coaching through the Process Communication Model.

It's a very powerful tool that allows understanding of profiles and personalities, as well as their reactions under stress. This helped me better understand my relationships with my peers and approach meetings and exchanges with much more serenity.

The Process Communication model allowed me to understand the keys (...) for having smooth and effective communication.


Business manager - 49 years old

Thanks to Process Communication, I first learned to know myself better. I gained a better understanding of personality types, which allowed me to better understand my interlocutor, knowing how to position myself in relation to others.

Process Communication is very useful for me in my daily relationships, whether personal or professional.


Event project manager - 29 years old

Retraining after maternity leave


Thank you for your support during the Process Communication training.

(...) The result of this work exceeds my expectations. I come out of it enriched with a better understanding of my personality and the perception I can convey."

Business manager - 42 years old

Cette image représente un homme debout, la cinquantaine, dans un couloir de bureaux

Your active listening, your suggestions have allowed me to continue on my path and to move towards self-employment in my preferred field, which is business tourism, a very specific niche market that I master.

(...) Our workshop has helped to trigger the next level in my thinking and decision-makingThank you for your listening and support.


Business manager - 45 years old


Laure is an empathetic, available, and caring coach.

She helped me bring clarity to my professional journey. Throughout the coaching process, she provided me with tools that I still use today to evolve with confidence and serenity. (...)

Thanks to her guidance and support, I also landed the job I wanted. In short, one word: go for it!"


Digital Marketing- 35 years old

Thanks to my Process Communication assessment, I confirmed that I am a Promoter Developer.

This allows me to focus my commercial energy on development tasks and likely delegate tasks that I am less proficient in more humbly than before.

It's a real plus to define one's area of excellence well and be able to fully devote oneself to it. A business leader doesn't know and shouldn't do everything in their company if they want to succeed and progress.


Stanislas Couteaux  - 48 years old

Enrich his leadership

Femme d'affaires confiant

(...) I had the privilege of being guided by Laure towards a successful adaptation.

Her skills helped me adapt to cultural shock and turn what could have been an overwhelming experience into an opportunity to grow. She helped me tackle my limiting fears, especially the fear of not being 'up to par', and free myself from my self-sabotage dynamic.

(...) Thank you, Laure, for being my exploration partner and highlighting my perseverance and incredible strength to move forward.


Student - 30 years old - Master 2 of International Healthcare Management Bocconi University

Deal with an international dynamic and  strengthen self-esteem

Thanks to her skills, Laure was able to create an environment of trust where I felt comfortable expressing myself freely, exploring my challenges, and discovering new perspectives to achieve my aspirations.

Her ability to establish insightful connections helps illuminate underlying issues, combined with a structured approach that adapts to the needs of the situation for a very smooth session flow.

I recommend her to anyone looking to benefit from quality coaching."


Consultant in digital marketing - 45 years old

Preparing for a return from expatriation and defining  priorities.

Homme d'affaires Sourire

The coaching sessions with Laure have been very helpful to me. I have been able to learn how to manage my stress and the pressure of results. I have also become more aware of my skills and strengths for a better balance and well-being. Thank you for our exchanges, your sharing of tools, and your always supportive and caring attitude!"


Manager - 28 years old

Master 2 of International Healthcare Management Bocconi University

Understand and better manage behavior under stress for a better balance in life.

Cette image représente une femme dans la rue, bien habillé ayant l'air heureuse et sur d'elle


Thank you very much for your help, your time, and your kindness. I have been able to make progress on several aspects of my life thanks to your assistance and advice throughout the sessions. I wish you all the best! See you soon."

Student - 24 years old

Master 2 of Science in Global Finance

Bocconi University 


I was a bit skeptical about discovering a new tool in a Leadership program, but the PCM model is the most logical and enriching of all.

This tool helped me identify my own behaviors and those of others. Now I am aware of what is at play in 'our respective worlds' and how to leverage this difference to improve our communication.

Thank you, Laure, for this program. I highly recommend it."

Country Manager - Asia

Luxury brand


With Laure, we worked on self-confidence. Through her exercises and discussions, I was able to realize the progress I've made and my resources.

Laure made me aware of my ability to improve and also contribute to others personally and professionally.

This also allowed me to clearly determine my aspirations, my needs, and align with my values."

Business travel agent - 41 years old

Cette image représente un homme de face, la cinquantaine, souriant et l'air paisible

Doing my Process Communication inventory with Laure was a revelation and allowed me to put precise words to my personality traits. It's both surprising and reassuring.

PCM is a powerful tool and so useful in daily life to better understand interactions with others. It has helped me improve relationships to be more constructive and peaceful.

Laure is very attentive and professional; I highly recommend her."


Manager - 50 years old

Dans la rue

Initially skeptical about the realm of personal development, I've changed my mind. Laure helped me understand the tangible benefits of coaching.

Her listening skills, insightful questions, methodological framework, coupled with her suggestions for concrete actions, have propelled my progress rapidly.

I now have a more nuanced understanding of myself and others, a foundational pillar for fulfilling my role as a team manager confidently."


Technical project manager - 31 years old

I learned a lot from your workshop, and I will definitely adopt the method you shared with us. I also appreciated your kind and encouraging approach towards the students."


Student in Master Program - SciencesPo Paris

Skill development "Ace your job interview"

Étudiants descendant les escaliers

A quick message just to tell you that the work we did together this morning was really helpful to me all day long.

THANK YOU for your guidance!"


Student in Master Program - SciencesPo Paris

Skill Development "Ace your job interview"

Cette image représente un homme assis à son bureau, la quarantine, l'air professionnel et décontracté à la fois

I thank you for your listening ear, patience, and kindness during these past few weeks.

Our sessions have been very helpful in aiding me to accept and move beyond the professional break-up, allowing me to have a more peaceful outlook on myself."


Sales Executive - 47 years old

A quick message just to tell you that the work we did together this morning was really helpful to me all day long.  THANK YOU for your guidance!"


Senior Consultant - 38 years old


     Our various sessions have allowed me to gain clarity on my projects and change my perspective on all my issues.

I've been able to prioritize my actions, regain confidence in myself, and found our exchanges to be positive."

Accountant  - 65 years old

Cette image représente un homme environ 35 ans debout et adossé à une baie vitrée dans un open space

    Well-paced sessions tailored to meet my needs. Laure was able to support me by listening attentively and providing very useful tools. I won't hesitate to call on her for my teams."


Business manager  - 39 years old

Cette image représente une jeune femme environ 25 ans assise à son bureau, en train de travailler sur son ordinateur, souriant à l'objectif

Excellent coach, with whom one feels comfortable.

The guidance is clear, well explained, and very well organized. I highly recommend!"


Event Consultant - 32 years

    I've become a fan of Process Communication, which, in the end, is an accessible and powerful tool for one's professional life.

This training provides very useful keys to analyze communication dynamics with any interlocutor. It's essential for me to improve my management and negotiation skills. And all of this in a very friendly atmosphere."


Business manager  -  44 years old

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